Thoughts Matter

Thoughts Matter

by Karrie Loomis 

Google told me, on the site, that “…up to 60% of the human adult body is water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water.”

According to Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research, thoughts and words affect water. And since we are mostly made of water, questions worth pondering might be: What are our thoughts and words doing to us? What are our words doing to our family, friends, co-workers, daily acquaintances, pets… or even plants? 

Yes, I said plants. They are made of water too, right? Right. Check this experiment out: 

I’m doing a couple experiments at home. About month ago, on June 2, I filled three clean jars with one tablespoon of cooked rice and added one tablespoon of water so each jar contained fresh rice sitting in water. I wrote love on the lid of one jar, hate on another, and ignored the third.

Then I passed the jars around to my family and told them to tell the jar labeled love that they are thankful for it and love it and then tell the jar labeled hate that it disgusts them and they hate it. We ignored the unlabeled jar. 

Then I thought, why stop with rice?

Let’s test salt rock crystals. I brought a pot of water to a boil. Then I stirred in salt until it quit dissolving. In the middle of two jar lids, I poked a tiny hole. I tied a paper clip to string and attached one to each of the lids. One jar said hate and the other love. Last, I filled each with the salt water solution and then passed the jars around to my family. The love jar received words and thoughts focused with love and we hated on the hate jar.

Finally, all of the jars were placed on a shelf in my closet. Almost every day–a few days I forgot or was out of town–I visited the jars and told them with my words and my thoughts the appropriate labeled emotions, while ignoring the rice in the back.

1 all

Yes, it was a bit awkward talking to jars of rice and salt water. And, oddly enough, it was difficult for me to muster up hate to project onto the hate jars. I’m a lover, not a hater…those poor jars.

After a couple weeks, the salt crystals still had not began to form much. The hate jar’s paperclip was covered with rust and no crystals, and the love jar’s paper clip was still shiny and had one little baby crystal attached. Then it occurred to me, I had made a mistake. The water needs to be able to evaporate in order for the crystals to form. Duh. So I opened both of the jars and left the lids slid over about half way off.

This morning we inspected our projects!

Rice experiment:


Ignored Jar:

There is no standing water or discoloration of the rice but it is covered in a white fuzz.

Hated Jar:

There is no standing water and a small patch of green mold. I don’t see any white fuzz. 

Loved Jar:

There is standing water and two tiny dots of green mold. No visible white fuzz.

What does this all mean? Well, honestly, being that this was an at-home-un-controlled-science-project, all we can say for sure is: There’s clearly a visible difference between the three jars. But I cant scientifically prove that it’s because of our words and thoughts. However, I am going to keep the project going for another month to see what changes more love, hate, and time will bring about. And, I’m asking for your help in gathering data. Copy our science project and do it for yourself at home. Give it at least a month and the please come back and tell me what your results are. I’m willing to bet on the side of love 🙂 I think ALL our love jars will look better than the hate jars. What do you think?

Rock Salt Experiment:

Loved Jar:


The string, paperclip, and bottom of the jar had big, beautifully formed crystals!

Hated Jar:


The string had a small cluster of unshaped crystals at the very top, but that’s it. There weren’t any crystals further down or on the rusty paper clip. The bottom of the jar had a lot more crystals than the love jar but they were much smaller in size. 

I also put those two jars back in my closet for another month of love or hate.  What do you think they will look like when I update this post on July 31? Will you help me and copy these experiments at your house?

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