About Karrie Loomis

My passion for travel, photography, and the art of storytelling has woven a rich tapestry throughout my life’s journey. After growing up in Michigan, I embarked on an adventurous path by enlisting in the Navy for six years as an Electronics Technician. Though I’ve lived Virginia Beach for over two decades, I still call Michigan home.

Currently, I serve as the treasurer and a member of the conference committee for the Hampton Roads Writers Organization (HRW). HRW’s conference was recognized as the best writers’ conference in Virginia by The Writer magazine in both 2019 and 2020. I’ve had the privilege of teaching creative writing workshops at The Muse Writers Center, one of the country’s largest writing centers. Additionally, since 2015, I’ve been a member of Tidewater Writers, the area’s largest critique group, and I hosted our meetings for three years.

“The Rocking Horse,” my debut book, is a middle-grade fiction centered around the theme of stranger danger. Currently, my writing ventures encompass personal essays and metaphysical and visionary fiction. I also facilitate writers’ retreats and offer mentoring sessions on character development and creativity. In addition to my writing pursuits, I’m a Reiki Master and Meditation Mentor.

My educational journey led me to attain a Master of Arts Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, specializing in creativity and applied spirituality at Atlantic University. This institution was founded by Edgar Cayce, the renowned sleeping prophet and a holistic medicine pioneer of the West. My credentials include certifications in dream work/interpretation, meditation instruction, and leading sound bath meditations, all essential aspects of my holistic approach.

My journey into Reiki began in February 2020, culminating in the attainment of Reiki Master status and Ignitions under the guidance of William Rand in January 2022. My appetite for knowledge extends to spiritual, philosophical, and metaphysical realms, including topics such as mysticism, quantum mechanics, and the universe.

Throughout my life, I’ve encountered spiritual, psychic, and mystical experiences that have deeply shaped my worldview.  A few synchronistic moments during a three-week vacation in Thailand while reading Autobiography of a Yogi ignited my curiosity about gurus from India. Over the past few years, I’ve enjoyed visits to Sadhguru’s ashram in Tennessee. All these experiences combined have reinforced my belief in the interconnectedness of all beings and the limitless potential of human consciousness.

As you explore my website, you’ll find information and offerings, from in-person and distance Reiki sessions to immersive sound baths and meditation/writing mentoring. Be sure to check the retreats tab for retreat updates. If you ever want to ask about my personal journey or discuss spirituality, I love to engage in enlightening conversations and would be honored to support your path toward greater awareness. The most important message I can convey is that the expansive consciousness I’m awakening to is also within you, waiting to be recognized. And when you do, you’ll discover the incredible power you hold as the creator of your destiny.

Please contact me with any questions. I’m happy to help. Or, schedule a free 30 minutes exploratory Zoom call, and we’ll chat about how Reiki, sound baths, and/or mentoring can benefit you along your journey to empowerment. Of course, if you feel ready, please, schedule a Reiki and/or mentoring session.

What People Say

I had a distance reiki session with Karrie that was super powerful. She was calming and comforting while I was in a lot of pain! Sometimes these episodes would last 12-18 hours for me- and after the reiki session resolved in just a couple hours! So grateful for this help Karrie!

Lisa Anne w/ Sacred Self Rising

I had a reiki session with Karrie 4 days after a bi malleolar fracture (fancy word for breaking a couple of bones in my ankle). Not only was the pain in my ankle completely gone after the session, but also the crazy nerve sensations had stopped. I was able to go without pain meds until I had surgery. Most powerful reiki I have ever experience.

Diana C.

I absolutely loved my first three Reiki sessions and find that when I go to sleep at night, the images I had during my sessions come to me and I relax and sleep better

Jane W.
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