Right Brain/Left Brain

Is this shoe pink and white or grey and green?

Right Brain/Left Brain

by Karrie Loomis

If you see pink and white your right brain (creativity) is dominant. If you see grey and green your left brain (logic) is dominant… or so they say.

A few weeks ago, my sister, Kellie, forwarded this photo to me from Thoughts for Life Facebook page. At the time, I saw the shoe as grey and green–teal. I was a bit disappointed as I had always thought of myself as right brain dominant. So I simply concluded to the obvious and told Kellie the color depends on the kind of screen we are viewing. Maybe the different frequency of the refresh rates on our laptops, desk tops, and cell phones affect the the shades we see. I took a screen shot of the picture and showed it to friends throughout the day. Most, but not all, also saw grey and green

A couple hours ago, I moved saved pictures from my phone to my laptop and came across the shoe again. Same picture but different colors! This time, I see the shoe as pink and white. It doesn’t matter whether I’m looking on my lap top or phone with my glasses on or off, I see pink and white. I sent my sister a message and told her the good news: today I’m right brain dominant and ‘yesterday’ I was left brain dominant.

We must simply conclude to the obvious: The shoe doesn’t lie; I am a left and right brain dominant genius! 

Edited to add: I originally made this post and published it only 45 minutes ago… The shoe was pink and white, however now it is grey and green. So interesting. Same picture, same screen, glasses still on, and same me… but different colors. Curiouser and curiouser. What is it that changes to make me see different colors? I must simply conclude to the obvious: my kids just came home from school and killed my creativity.


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