Memories and Testimonials

“The Ego Break retreat takes a deep dive into finding your inner artist (authentic self) and applying that “freedom from Ego” to writing practices. I experienced a personal breakthrough following the retreat that will impact my writing and my life for years to come.” –Pennie N

“Karrie is fantastic and Jacob is a wonderful chef. Great hosts that make you feel like family!” –Tanya F

“My husband thought I was crazy to sign up for a workshop with complete strangers, away from home. If you are thinking about it too, do it! Karrie is a wonderful leader who will get you out of your head, gift you with tools to take into your writing career, and into your life. There is a wide array of activities, each one chosen for a specific reason. They mesh together for a wonderful experience. On day one, we were strangers, by the end, I had made seven new lifelong friends.” –Sharon A.

“Karrie put on a first-class event and did everything possible to make things run smoothly. She surveyed the group ahead of time about our preferences, held a Zoom meeting for us to get acquainted, and now has a private social media site so we can share photos and communicate with one another. During the retreat, Karrie created a congenial environment. I felt an immediate connection to the other attendees who came from different walks in life and all over the country. There was a great balance among educational workshops and relaxing, fun activities. I highly recommend this retreat for writers. Karrie, Anna, and Chef Jake exceeded my expectations in how well cared for I felt and how much I learned. Wanted another week and hated to leave.” –Marilyn B.

“I didn’t know what to expect going into the Ego Break retreat. I do know that I hoped for a community of like-minded people, creative motivation, and a natural, relaxing environment. Karrie and Jake and Anna and all who helped fulfilled this hope to the max. There was also great and plentiful food (oh those desserts!), comfortable bedrooms with bath, and a lot of laughter. By the end of the retreat I really did feel that my creative spirit had been renewed, and maybe best of all, that I had met a group of women who I wanted to know better and would be proud to call friends. The Ego Break Writer’s Retreat was exactly what I needed after three hard years of family losses and the isolation imposed by the virus.” –Amy D

“Ego Break was the perfect retreat to reset my creative spirit and thus my writing.” –Becky K

“I arrived 5 days ago with the hope of finding motivation to write, but after these simple yet so powerfully impactful days, I have been gifted the motivation to LIVE. TO LEAP. To TRUST IN MY INSPIRATION. I came here with a writing PROJECT but after these serene yet personally challenging days, I am leaving here with a writing PASSION. A PURPOSE. A DEEP KNOWING for my writing path to come. I began here with 7 strangers, but after these self-reflective yet intimately bonding days, I am ending with FRIENDS, FELLOWS, a writing TRIBE who I will feel beside me when those whispers of self-doubt interrupt me. I started the week as some girl writing a memoir, but after these information-packed yet deeply inspiring days, I am finishing as the HERO of my own story! Thank you, Karrie & Jake” –Molly N

“Writing is almost always a solitary endeavor. The Ego Break retreat relieved that circumstance in an inviting and inclusive manner. The small cadre of fellow writers was encouraging and intimate in ways that Karrie skillfully orchestrated into a positive learning and bonding experience both on a personal level and as a group. A powerful few days of insights, acquisition of new information and a road map for growth as a person and writer. I highly recommend this experiential workshop.” – Genevia H.  

“Overall, I can honestly say this retreat was one of the most personally fruitful ones I have ever attended. I truly enjoyed myself and realllllly wish it was days longer.” –Karen S

“This was my second retreat with Karrie. I found that my learning and creativity were deepened by the workshops, critiques and discussions. I enjoyed reading the work of my fellow attendees and learning from them as well as experiencing different types of writing. I’d love to attend another! –Betty S  

“This retreat was amazing. The workshops expanded my mind and I know my writing is going to reflect everything I learned. Plus all meals and snacks were included, not to mention the amazing culinary feats of Jake, I wanted for nothing while I was on this retreat. I also did not want it to end.” – Nicole C.  

“The Ego Break Writers Retreat was a blast! I had so much fun and several breakthroughs on two current projects where I’d been stuck for some time. Worth every cent!” – Penny H.  

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