3/24a Ego Break Writers Retreat in Kill Devil Hills, NC

The mission of Ego Break Writers Retreats is to facilitate unique, all-inclusive, transformational retreats that show rather than tell writers how to thrive. It is our vision to creatively expand the consciousness of writers.

Everything Is OK on an Ego Break!

March 13-18, 2024 Ocean Front Retreat Home in Kill Devil Hills, NC: Check in between 5:00pm and 9:00pm on March 13, 2024. Check out by 11:00am on March 18, 2024.

While the location of each Ego Break Retreat changes, the essence and promise remain the same. Ego Break is an experiential, all inclusive, writers retreat for journal writers, novice writers, professional writers, and everyone in-between, including those who don’t write yet but want to write. Rather than offering workshops that lecture on the mechanics of craft, Ego Break Retreats focus on creativity and character development. No matter your genre or where you are in your writing journey, the expanded and unique perspectives you’ll gain on this retreat will rejuvenate your writing and your life. Ego Break promises to be an experience you’ll write about! –Please scroll to the bottom of this page for room options.–



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Your Writers Retreat

What guests say: “I arrived 5 days ago with the hope of finding motivation to write, but after these simple yet so powerfully impactful days, I have been gifted the motivation to LIVE. TO LEAP. To TRUST IN MY INSPIRATION. I came here with a writing PROJECT but after these serene yet personally challenging days, I am leaving here with a writing PASSION. A PURPOSE. A DEEP KNOWING for my writing path to come. I began here with 7 strangers, but after these self-reflective yet intimately bonding days, I am ending with FRIENDS, FELLOWS, a writing TRIBE who I will feel beside me when those whispers of self-doubt interrupt me. I started the week as some girl writing a memoir, but after these information-packed yet deeply inspiring days, I am finishing as the HERO of my own story! Thank you Karrie & Jake (and guests).” –Molly N

Ego Break Writers Retreat Experiences

Ego Break
In this three part transformational workshop, we’ll explore the ego, ego constructs, ego programing and break down the Hero’s Journey story pattern on a personal level. Once you experience an ego break, your understanding of character development and the Hero’s Journey will deepen. This informational and experiential workshop includes a guided, group meditation.

Creative Channel
In this workshop, you’ll learn more about where creativity comes from and how to access that space. We will explore how to use transpersonal methods, such as meditation, dream work, and Tarot cards to enhance our creativity. This informational and experiential workshop also includes a group Reiki Session.

Murder Mystery Dinner Party
What better way to experience characterization than stepping into character? If you would like to participate in Ego Break’s Murder Mystery Dinner activity, you’ll receive your character’s information in advance of the retreat. On the night of the mystery dinner, each participating guest will play out their character’s role until the mystery has been solved. Prizes will be awarded for: best costume, best detective, and best acting.

Beach Horse Riding
We will practice being present while enjoying a horse ride through the woods and along the shore.

Scrabble Tournament
We’ll play a couple rounds of Scrabble, and we won’t stop until we have an Ego Break Scrabble Wizard!

Critique Sessions
Read up to 2000 words of a writing project you would like to receive on the spot critiques from the whole group. Be prepared to humbly receive and give constructive criticism. The critiques will be spread out over a few days to give everyone an hour for feedback on their project.

1 Hour Private Reiki & BioMat Session (**Optional, for an additional $100 fee.**)
Reiki works to clear disturbances in the body’s energy fields. The disturbances are experienced as different symptoms, such as conscious and unconscious beliefs that do not serve us. Your optional private Reiki session could help with imposter syndrome, fear of success, creativity, procrastination, or your session could be used to help with completing a goal. More about Reiki here. More about the BioMat here.

My Intent Craft
You’ll choose a word of inspiration and create a keychain, necklace, or bracelet for focus.

Sound Bath Reiki Meditation
We will release tension and completely relax into the sound waves of crystal singing bowls, gongs, and other sound bath instruments.

Writing Time / Free Time
Each day, there will be plenty of time to write! Get some words on the page. Work out your plot line as you walk along the beach. Or, if you seek inspiration, explore North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

What Guests Say:

“Overall, I can honestly say this retreat was one of the most personally fruitful ones I have ever attended. I truly enjoyed myself and realllllly wish it was days longer.” –Karen S

“Ego Break was the perfect retreat to reset my creative spirit and thus my writing.” –Becky K

“The Ego Break retreat takes a deep dive into finding your inner artist (authentic self) and applying that “freedom from Ego” to writing practices. I experienced a personal breakthrough following the retreat that will impact my writing and my life for years to come.” –Pennie N

What’s Included & What’s Not Included with Your Writers Retreat Registration Fee.

Your Investment in This Experience Includes: Room for 5 nights/4 full days, all of the included meals will be prepared by our cook and served at the retreat house: five dinners, five breakfasts, four lunches, snacks, various wines, coffee, teas, water, soda, and wifi, workshops, critique sessions, group Reiki sessions, a sound bath, murder mystery dinner, horse riding on the beach, towels, linens, washer/dryer, hot tub, fellowship, motivation, and inspiration… We will do our best to accommodate food preferences, ie…vegan/vegetarian, however, depending on the circumstances, we might not be able to accommodate all special diets. If you require a special diet, please contact to discuss options. ***There will be a Zoom session with the Ego Break Writers Retreat host and all writers retreat guests before the date of the writers retreat, so that we may introduce ourselves and ask/answer any last minute questions.

Ongoing Support: The fellowship and support continue after the retreat in our exclusive, active, Ego Break Facebook group. You’ll also stay motivated and accountable to continue writing by participating in our monthly Zoom critique sessions.  

Not Included: Transportation to and from retreat house, Travel expenses, Travel Insurance, Personal Toiletries

How to get there: If you need to fly in, the nearest airports to Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina are Coastal Carolina Regional Airport (EWN), New Bern, which is 86 miles away, and Norfolk International Airport (ORF), which is 122.1 miles away. Then you’ll need to rent a car and drive to Kill Devil Hills, which is located in the Outer Banks, on N.C. Highway 12. After your reservation is paid for in full, you will receive the exact address.

Ego Break Writers Retreat Host & Presenter

Karrie Loomis

Rooming Options:

Cancellation Policy: 100% of all monies paid less a $75 processing fee are refunded for cancellations made within 60+ days before the retreat start date. 50% of all monies paid less a $75 processing fee are refunded for cancellations made 30-59 days before retreat start date. 0% will be refund for cancellations made within 0-29 days of retreat start date. However, 100% of all monies paid minus a $150 processing will be refunded in the event that Everything Is OK is able to rebook your canceled room before the retreat start date. For guests who’d like to share their private room with a friend, there will be an additional fee of $1000 for the 2nd guest. You may pay for your reservation in full or on a payment plan 15% + a $100 processing fee now and then receive an invoice for the balance to be paid by 2/13/2024.

Bedroom 1
Private master suite with an attached private full bathroom. $1899

Bedroom 2
Private suite with an attached private full bathroom. $1899

Bedroom 3
Private suite with an attached private full bathroom. $1899

Bedroom 4
Private suite with an attached private full bathroom. $1899

Bedroom 5
Private suite with an attached private full bathroom. $1899

Bedroom 5

Bedroom 6
Private suite with an attached private full bathroom. $1899

Bedroom 6

Bedroom 7
Private room with an un-attached (across the hall) private (will be used by you only) full bathroom. $1899

Bedroom 8
Private suite with an attached private full bathroom. $1899

Bedroom 9
Private suite with an attached private full bathroom. $1899

Bedroom 10
Private room with an attached shared full bathroom. Your bathroom is in-between your bedroom and one other, so you will share the bath with only one other person. $1799

What Guests Say:

“Karrie put on a first-class event and did everything possible to make things run smoothly. She surveyed the group ahead of time about our preferences, held a Zoom meeting for us to get acquainted, and now has a private social media site so we can share photos and communicate with one another. During the retreat, Karrie created a congenial environment. I felt an immediate connection to the other attendees who came from different walks in life and all over the country. There was a great balance among educational workshops and relaxing, fun activities. I highly recommend this retreat for writers. Karrie, Anna, and Chef Jake exceeded my expectations in how well cared for I felt and how much I learned. Wanted another week and hated to leave.” –Marilyn B

Everything Is OK on an Ego Break!

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